Savannah Monitor


Savannah monitors are stoutly built, with relatively short limbs and toes, and skulls and dentition adapted to feed on hard-shelled prey. They are robust creatures, with powerful limbs for digging, powerful jaws and blunt, peglike teeth.

Its preferred habitat is the savannah, but they have adapted to other habitats as well such as rocky dessert type areas, open forests and woodlands.

Every company has a mascot. We feel Bosco is ours! 
He is very special to us and a very intelligent boy. He is not available to attend events just yet, but we will regularly update you all on his progress and we will be sure to let you know of his first public appearance! 

Fun Fact

Since poisonous millipedes form a major part of their diet, they have developed a tactic to avoid the poison wherein they rub their chin on the millipede for close to and often up to 15 minutes before consuming it. This helps them avoid the unsavory fluid the millipede secretes when attacked.


  • Scientific Name: Varanus exanthematicus
  • Origin: Africa
  • Size: 3.5 - 5.5 feet
  • Diet: Insects, mammals, amphibians and eggs
  • Life Span: 13 years


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